Kassa Me helps Famers Markets do Touchless Transfer

Farmers Market

Local customers visit farmer’s markets so they can show support for growers and merchants in their area.

Kassa Me provides a touchless transfer payment processing solution for your mobile phone that allows them to do just that.

When customers use Kassa Me, less money goes to payment processing middlemen like banks and more goes into the pockets of the local small business owners who need it most.

Owners and managers of farmer’s markets are recommending Kassa Me to vendors who want to make more money on every transaction. Customers are excited, too – it only takes them a few seconds to sign up and it makes a big difference in the community.

Kassa Me Is Perfect for Growers, Artisans, and Other Farmer’s Market Businesses

Kassa Me is a payment solution built with the needs of small merchants in mind. It’s a fast, easy, and secure way for merchants to accept payments without complex systems or lots of overhead. Once they sign up, the rest is seamless.


Here’s how Kassa Me improves the farmer’s market experience:

  • Customers can get started in seconds to pay any merchant who accepts Kassa Me
  • Vendors enjoy ultra-low processing fees to raise their profits or lower their prices
  • Touchless transfer for purchases – no more handling cash or carrying lots of cards
  • Quick payments and better cash flow through convenient vendor invoicing

Event coordinators and sponsors can get behind Kassa Me, too! As an event owner, manager, or sponsor, you can qualify to earn commissions for every Kassa Me transaction processed. That includes farmer’s markets and any other event where goods are sold.

We know – it’s hard to get excited about payment processing. Kassa Me will change the way you look at it. With clear benefits for you, your vendors, and customers, the whole community wins.

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