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What’s the difference?

Kassa Me accepts all types of credit cards

Look at the two cards above.

One is a personal payment card used by a consumer.

The other is a commercial card linked to a corporate expense account or purchasing system.

Two credit cards might look identical – with the same brand, the same issuing bank, the same perks and restrictions, even the same expiration date. But behind the scenes, there is a difference.

Payment processors treat corporate payment cards and consumer cards very differently. Chances are your staff, point-of-sale hardware, and e-commerce page are unequipped to see the difference.

Change your perspective with the right payment processing solution, however, and you unlock significant savings through preferential pricing that’s an open secret among the world’s top companies.

What You Don’t Know About Payment Cards Can Cost You.

A transaction on a consumer payment card and one using a commercial card start with the same security: Businesses are required to ensure that the card, cardholder, and transaction are legitimate. This data is sent to the issuing bank to reduce risk.

That’s like turning the key, starting the engine. It only takes a few seconds.

But after that, the two cards become profoundly different: A personal consumer card is like jumping on the highway, a corporate card like hitting the race track. A commercial card is simply more demanding.

How demanding? It requires up to 20 extra data elements to qualify for the best rates per transaction.

The more of these additional data elements you have, the greater your processing rate will decrease to the preferential pricing that helps Fortune 100 companies boost their bottom line.

The problem: Small and mid-sized businesses as well as some corporations have never before had access to the sophisticated systems needed to collect, track, and authenticate this data at the time of sale. 

Now, with Kassa Me, they have access.

Our Advanced AI Maximizes Your Savings in Real-Time, Every Time

With Kassa Me, your business benefits from our unique AI engine. When you run a commercial card transaction, our AI performs a review to obtain required data in real-time at the point-of-sale; qualifying your business for maximum card brand savings 100% of the time.

It’s done in seconds, adding no overhead or inconvenience, and saves you money every time.

Want to know more about what’s under the hood?

Interchange rate is the fee paid between banks to accept card transactions. Banks pass as much of this fee as possible to the merchants who accept card payments. As you read this, about 50% of all transactions on commercial cards are processed with the highest rates allowable.

Interchange fees can be reduced based on specific, optional information a merchant provides at the time of purchase. Different credit card brands call this data level or data rate. For virtually all consumers and 90% of businesses, these data levels or rates are invisible.

The more details provided, the higher the level qualify ultimately reaching level III where maximum savings happen.

Many payment processors have their proprietary ways of maximizing the Data Level on transactions made by merchants. However, they do not share the savings they create with downstream merchants who are responsible for so much of their annual revenue.

With Kassa Me, you’re in: Achieving the lowest rates anywhere, at any time, for any card.

It might sound like magic, but it’s the power of artificial intelligence.

Our AI engine flawlessly performs all data checks and calculations in real-time. This amounts to millions of individual calculations making the transaction many times more complex, yet the results are reliable as clockwork and add no risk for you.

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