Re-imagined from scratch.

With Kassa Me, customers and merchants can live in harmony. We re-imagined digital payment processing from scratch for a fresh experience with unique benefits everyone can get behind.

Payment Processing Re-imagined by Kassa Me

Businesses: Get Rid of Credit Card Processing Interchange Fees for Good

More profit? More profit! You don’t have to raise your prices: Kassa Me is the smart alternative to big-name payment processors that carve out hefty fees at the point of purchase.

Today’s fastest way to save money for you and your customers is Cash Discount. Kassa Me is the first payment processor that makes your cash discounting program seamless.

Your customers get fast, convenient payments with a better experience all around.

YOU get:

  • Lower payment processing fees compared to your current solution
  • Cash delivered to your bank account the next business day – no fuss
  • No need to handle cash or make a trip to the bank just to deposit it
  • Pay business-to-business invoices and receive payments quickly

Kassa Me works as a standalone payment processing solution or integrates into your Cash Discount strategy. With Cash Discount, you can completely eliminate interchange fees.

Customers: Get the Benefits of Cash With the Safety and Convenience of Digital

Make your hard-earned cash go further – without having to carry it everywhere you go and earn reward points.

Let’s face it: You don’t want a “payment solution.” You want to grab what you need and go or have it delivered. Kassa Me is the only payment app that’s as simple as cash and provides all the same or better benefits.

With Kassa Me, you:

  • Make payments at your favorite stores easily with a single click
  • Leave the cash at home – no more worry about misplacing a fiver
  • Get discounts from participating merchants, just like paying in cash
  • Enjoy simple peer-to-peer payments to split checks or help a friend

For customers and merchants alike, Kassa Me changes the game: Everybody saves more when you cut out the payment card middleman.

Welcome past the velvet rope
to payment processing savings.


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