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There are many payment processing options available for you; why use Kassa Me?

The payment processing savings previously enjoyed by the select few in the know are now available to every business, not-for-profit organization, and corporation through our Kassa Me platform.  The methods used to obtain savings are the foundation of our two primary forms of payment that have never been heard of by most; not any longer:


In 2019, 24.7 billion direct payments were made totaling $55.8 trillion. We use this network to:

  1. Check the current balance of a customer’s bank account at the time of sale to ensure the money is available to conduct business with you.
  2. Send a debit request for the transaction amount from the customer’s bank and send a credit request to your bank. The Federal Reserve sorts these requested transactions overnight.
  3. Deposit the net balance into your bank account after a small facilitator fee has been deducted. This network is the same system used to provide direct deposit paychecks to millions weekly.

Because of the efficiency of this method, it provides you the greatest amount of payment processing savings.


Visa and MasterCard (V/MC) provides Government, Corporations, and Fleet Organizations the ability to streamline their expense management to reconcile and audit spending by providing enhanced card data to them in real-time. 

In order to help provide this enhanced card data in real-time, V/MC need to obtain it from your payment process. Kassa Me uses AI technology to obtain the non-personally identifiable additional information (or Non-PII) needed by V/MC to provide their enhanced card data service to Business and Expense Card holders.

In exchange for this non-PII data, V/MC reduces the rate for accepting theses business and expense cards from their account holders.

As a Customer using Kassa Me

We created a way for you to earn rewards points for every dollar you spend and for recommending others to join Kassa Me.

Businesses that use Kassa Me receives the greatest savings on our platform when accepting a Pay-by-Bank payment from you.  We have made it extremely easy for you to connect your bank account and use our Pay-by-Bank option.

  1. Sign up on
  2. Follow our three-step process to connect a bank to your Kassa Me account. Log into your bank, select an account, and then authorize it for payments.
  3. Confirm your payment to a merchant when they send you a request.
  4. When you have the need to send money to a friend or family member, just verify your account and then send them money via Kassa Me for FREE.

When you prefer to pay with a credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, EBT, check, gift card, or rewards points, the option will be available from businesses who have elected to use that form of payment in our system.


While you are enjoying the ease of paying business with Kassa Me along with the peace of mind of our bank-level encryption for security, you are earning reward points in the following ways:

  • 10 rewards points for each dollar spent with businesses through Kassa Me
  • 1,000 rewards points for recommending a friend, family member, or a social media follower to Kassa Me (Granted after their first purchase within 14 days of joining Kassa Me.)
  • 2,500 rewards points for recommending a business to start using Kassa Me. (Granted after the business conducts 10 transactions)
  • 5,000 rewards points as a Happy Birthday wish from Kassa Me

Welcome past the velvet rope.

Savings for businesses, rewards for customers, and a Touchless Transfer for all.


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Kassa Me Products

More than a touchless transfer app, Kassa Me is a registered MSP/ISO of US Bank also offering the following payment processing services:

Cash Discount and Surcharging
Young woman shopping on-line

Profit Margin Loss

Cardholders know how to maximize the benefits and perks associated with their credit cards. But they aren’t the ones paying for those card rewards.

You are.

That’s why your processing costs are not predictable from month to month. Every card has its own cost; a cost that eats into your profit margin.

Wondering if there’s another option?

/ Zero Cost Processing.

Make your cost for credit card processing effectively free.

How? By charging the cardholder, instead of your business, a percentage fee on every credit card transaction at the time of sale. The fee covers your processing costs for that transaction, regardless of which credit card brand or credit card product the cardholder is using.

What are the different options for adding the fee? There are multiple ways to charge the cardholder instead of your business. Here are the ones that we support:

Cash Discount. Generally, it starts with a uniform increase in prices. An increase of 3.50% is recommended for businesses to effectively offset their processing costs. Your customers have the opportunity to effectively “opt-out” by choosing to pay in cash or use Kassa Me Pay-by-Bank option when the cash is not on hand.

Surcharge. A percentage-based fee is assessed during a transaction where a credit card is charged a percentage of the total transaction, which covers the acceptance cost of the payment. (These states cannot surcharge: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma.)

Convenience Fee. A flat fee that can only be assessed during non-face-to-face payment scenarios regardless of payment type. a customer pays a flat fee for the convenience of using an alternative payment option such as online, over the phone, or through the mail.

Service Fee. A flat or percentage-based fee on transactions paid with methods other than cash or check. Restricted to certain <CCs such as government entities and education (not utilities). A fee may be charged on alls, including face-to-face.

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