Cost Sharing.

Companies like yours are facing a bold new world. The time is right to drive costs out of your business and focus like never before on a robust, resilient future.

We created Kassa Me to help you do just that.

Kassa Me Cash Discount, Surcharge Cost Sharing Program

Sharing the cost of Payment Processing with your Customers

Our Cost Sharing discount program is a strategic way to decrease or eliminate your credit/debit card payment processing fees.

Options available to YOU:

  • No Cost Sharing – You would like to receive a reduction in processing through our AI Engine powered optimization and not share any of the cost with your customers.
  • 40-60% Cost Sharing – Some of our clients prefer to split the cost of processing with their customers. The precise pricing model depends on your industry, state, and processing volume.
  • 99% Cost Sharing – The rest of our clients feel they are paying for business expenses that have a positive effect on their customers’ experience. Therefore, we offer you the ability to share up to 99% of the processing cost with your customers.  Your customers will pay a few dollars while your business will save thousands. 
Nail Salon

The market is primed for cost sharing. People do it each time they choose to pay extra at the gas station pump instead of going inside to pay with cash.  Our Nail Salon clients are saving hundreds of dollars by passing the cost of card payment processing on to their customers who are only paying a couple of extra cents each.

An added benefit is the ability to offer a better customer experience by having mobile terminals throughout the salon so there is no risk of damaging a wet nail.

Golf Courses

Checking in for a tee time, paying for lunch, or buying from the carts during a round can be an issue right now with social distancing.  We are delivering our Touchless Transfer solution to golf courses throughout the US.

These golf courses are:

  • Recovering from the pandemic by passing a portion of the payment processing cost to the golfers for the next few months and then will switch to our traditional pricing model.
  • Accepting tee time payments when the golfer checks in by texting the golfer a link to pay from their phone or use the modern terminal that is connected to the POS inside by a cellular signal.
  • Giving golfers the ability to pay the cart person using Touchless Transfer via our Kassa Me app or in cash.
  • The ability to reconcile all payments received with the entries in your spreadsheet, Quickbooks, or Golf Business Solution application directly from our dashboard.
Food Carts

In an effort to withstand the current environment, we have boarded new Food Cart merchants and given them the opportunity to:

  • Maintain social distance by using our wi-fi terminal on a table 6 ft in front of the window.
  • Reduce overhead by passing a portion of the payment processing cost to the customer by using our Cost Sharing service.
  • Handle pick-up orders from another wi-fi terminal that is also 6 ft from the food truck and 10 feet to the side of the other table to keep all customers safe from each other.
  • The ability to accept cash payments through our Touchless Transfer Pay-by-Bank service.
  • The ability to quickly send sales/discount messages on Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram directly from our dashboard.

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