After Any Crisis, Kassa Me is Here to Help Your Business Bounce Back.

Kassa Me is an eCommerce payment processing solution


Change is inevitable. But rarely have so many of us faced so much of it.

As a business owner, you can’t always predict what tomorrow will bring, but you can prepare. The unexpected may throw your plans off track, but it doesn’t diminish the value you can offer your customers. They’ll get back on their feet. And when they do, they’ll come to you.

For many businesses, that’s when the hard work begins.

After Any Crisis, Kassa Me is Here to Help Your Business Bounce Back

Kassa Me is here to help merchants of all sizes and industries make more money from their transactions. Our nationwide network means we’re always available, no matter what the future brings. With us, you’ll save on transaction fees – and put more back into your business.

When trouble strikes, the priority is payroll, not processing fees. With that in mind, we’ve crafted a payment processing solution that makes a genuine difference for your bottom line. Plus, we’re friendly to under-served industries that face hurdles from big processors and banks.

Here’s how our options help you:

1. Kassa Pay-by-Bank

Kassa Pay-by-Bank is available for customers who choose to transfer funds directly from their bank account. It saves merchants the most money possible when accepting payment. Funds are available in your merchant account instantly. No more waiting or extra trips to the bank.

2. Kassa Pay-by-Card

Kassa Pay-by-Card helps you take the guesswork out of accepting payment by major credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Our network unlocks preferential pricing formerly available to only the largest corporations. Plus, transactions are completed in seconds.

3. Touchless Transfer

Customers can pay you using virtually any modern mobile device. Payment links are issued through email, text, or a Quick Response (QR) code scanned by phone. Any of these brings customers to the same convenient payment interface where they can choose Pay-by-Bank or Pay-by-Card based on the options you’ve made available. No need to handle unsanitary cash or cards.

Unlock Unprecedented Savings

As a business verified customer, Kassa Me unlocks unprecedented cost-effectiveness for you and convenience for those who visit you. Our unique payment processing network is one of the most sophisticated in the United States—but the experience for you and your customers is seamless.

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